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Adjustment In The Installation Of Plastic Granules Making Machine

Adjustment in the installation of plastic granules making machine

During the installation process, the relevant precision of the plastic granules making machine should be checked to meet its performance requirements.

(1) adjustment of the parallel degree of the joint mode.

With precision level on two quenching rail longitudinal levelness coarse adjustment (lifting adjustable shim, the level of bubble stability in the middle), and the other with a parallel rule across two guide rails, rotate the level parallel ruler, make lateral levelness coarse adjustment. The large composite plastic granules making machine, a level is also used to inject a guide rail to adjust the degree of parallelism, and mount connects clamping device and injection device of positioning pin, tighten the connecting bolt and nut.

(2) check and adjust the level of the moving template guide column.

The horizontal adjustment of horizontal adjustment is carried out on the guide column with the precision level instrument. The horizontal plane is placed horizontally, and the measurement adjustment is carried out repeatedly until it meets the requirements. Horizontal measurement also requires a parallel ruler that spans two guiding columns.

Tolerances: the horizontal is less than or equal to 0.16mm/m, and the longitudinal is less than or equal to 0.24mm/m

(3) inspection and adjustment of the parallelism between the templates.

Template and fixed template datum of manufacturers in the factory has adjusted the parallel degree, is generally stable, but because the cause of the transportation and installation, may result in the parameter change, so to check and inspection after installation, the parameter calibration should be conducted by professionals.

(4) adjustment of the coaxial degree of the nozzle and die positioning center hole.

The alignment of the orifice of the nozzle and the die positioning center shall be adjusted in the template, the transverse and longitudinal horizontal adjustment of the fuselage.

A, loosen the fastening screw that is connected to the body of the frame before and after the injection seat, and loosen the locking nut on both sides of the front bracket of the injection seat guide rod.

B. The dimension of the vernier card with the accuracy of 0.05mm is measured in the horizontal and vertical direction of the diameter respectively, and the adjustment bolt is adjusted when measured

Hole in the center of the adjust nozzle and mould positioning alignment, due to the change of the guide bar, injection may produce distortion, cause deviation of screw and barrel clearance and wear, therefore, in the center of the adjust nozzle and mould positioning hole alignment at the same time, must also take into account to measure, adjust the levelness of the injection seat guide bar, with a feeler gauge measuring the clearance between the cylinder and the screw tail.

1. Operators must be trained in the use of equipment and can operate the machine after being familiar with the equipment structure, performance and operation procedures.

2. Do not operate a machine at the same time except for installing the mould.

3, during the period of equipment operation, to keep an eye on the original state of machine, found strange, should immediately after tight stop button, shut off the main power supply, if the device has no exception to equipment to open it.

4. When the machine is running, do not contact the machine's movement, heating and live parts.

5, cylinder from greenhouse heating to the required working temperature, about 30 min, the cylinder with residual cold material conditions, the heat preservation for 15 min, the screw can be charging, to ensure that the cold material fully melted. In case the screw is damaged, the temperature of the cylinder can not be set before the temperature of the process is set, and the pre-plastic-motor can not be started. If it is easy to start, the equipment can be damaged.

June, in order to prevent the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel inner surface scratch and damage the screw or cylinder, in the absence of material under the condition of idling running, unfavorable use high rotational speed of screw, large plastic granules making machine best control under 30 r/min, small plastic granules making machine should not be more than 60 r/min. When the raw material is filled with the screw slots, the rotation speed will be raised to the required speed.