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Are Plastic Crusher Machines Really The Same?

Are Plastic Crusher Machines really the same?
 Whether it is hard plastic granulation or soft plastic granulation, are generally required to break the cleaning, then how can we distinguish between Plastic Crusher Machine good and bad it?
General crushing equipment from the hopper, transmission block, crushing room, screen, the barrel and drive control and other components.
First look at the appearance, good crushing machine overall beautiful, and even have a mobile noise cover, even if there is no noise is very small, can meet the national requirements of the noise level.
Second, look at the production process: whether the welding is strong, whether the grinding room full polishing, precision, whether the overall processing of the drive without annealing, a total of how many broken knife, there is no dynamic balance correction. Sophisticated crusher in the production even with cutting, one molding, size precision, solid body.
The simple way is to see whether the manufacturers regulate and standardize the production of sophisticated products, such as Chengdu Huanyuan company's ring-brand broken equipment, inspection reports and certificates are indispensable.
In general, the choice of plastic shredders, depending on whether the change is reasonable, the material is pulverized out of uniform, whether the proportion of the powder is in the allowable range, etc., good plastic shredders manufacturers are subject to rigorous experiments and verification. The blade is also very important, the knife processing and even the production of Plastic Crusher Machine a major problem. Good crusher start smooth, safe part of the consideration is very comprehensive, the protection is also doing very well.
The market of Plastic Crusher Machines vary widely, there are thousands of low, high up to hundreds of thousands of the most important thing is to choose a regular manufacturers, do not for a moment of cheap production process of accidents, Causing great losses, regret.
Plastic Crusher Machine in maintenance and maintenance attention
      1, bearing Plastic Crusher Machine bearing the full load of the machine, so good lubrication of the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the double-roll Plastic Crusher Machine life and operating rate, which requires the injection of lubricants Must be clean, the seal must be good, the main oiling of the machine (1) rotating bearings (2) roller bearings (3) all gears (4) movable bearings, sliding plane.
   2, the new installation of the wheel prone to loose must be regularly checked.
   3, pay attention to the work of the various parts of the machine is normal.
   4, pay attention to check the wear parts of the wear and tear, pay attention to replace the wear parts.
   5, put the activities of the chassis plane, should be out of dust and other objects in order to avoid the machine can not break the material when the activities of the bearings can not move on the chassis, resulting in serious accidents.
   6, bearing oil temperature rise, should immediately stop the cause of the check to be eliminated.
    7, rotating gear in the operation if the impact should immediately stop the inspection and eliminate
In the new Plastic Crusher Machine put into operation, the work must be completed after the break every break to conduct a comprehensive inspection. After a week of operation on the anti-broken motor, lubrication to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Check the contents of the fixed parts, including fastening, belt drive, bearing seal, counter-liner, liner wear and tear of the full place of the inspection, combined with the inspection cycle to establish a regular maintenance and replacement system.
When the rotor of the source mechanical Plastic Crusher Machine is in operation, the gap between the rotor and the counter-liner can not be adjusted. Such as the material into the block in the counterattack plate and plate between the shell, it is recommended to re-adjust the gap between the slightly raised counterattack, so that the block into the feed will become loose, easy to adjust the light frame can be easily adjusted. Plastic Crusher Machine If the degree of counterattack is not sufficient, you can tap on a loose lever (protected with a piece of wood). The gap between the rotor and the counter-liner is done by the machine's trimming device. First release the bolt and then roll the long nut. When the lever will move upward, adjust the tightening of the screw sleeve.