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Film Blowing Machine Sample Operating System Can Save Power

Film Blowing Machine Sample operating system can save power

Energy-saving reform: Film Blowing Machine  move part mostly adopts frequency converter, motor energy saving way is by saving more energy, such as the actual power of the motor is 80 hz, and you need only 50 hz in production, in fact, enough to produce, the extra energy is wasted and inverter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve the effect of energy saving.

The low density polyethylene (LDPE) is in a molten state and is transparent in the process of blowing film. When, after leaving the die by cooling ring on membrane bubble of Film Blowing Machine  area for cooling, cooling Film Blowing Machine  at certain Angle and speed just out from the plastic bubble, high temperature membrane bubble with cooling air contact, membrane bubble of heat will be taken away by the cold air, clear the decrease of the temperature to the low density polyethylene (LDPE), the viscous flow of temperature the following, so that the cooling and solidification and become blurred.

The low level of dew point has a certain effect on the film performance. Film Blowing Machine If high dew point, located above the film after blowing bubble of, is the film blowing in liquid, huff just make film thinning, and molecules from stretching orientation, then the blowing film performance is close to the stretch film.

Film Blowing Machine, film classification: according to the use can be divided into agricultural film (mulching films, and can be divided into the mulching film and shed film), packaging film, packaging film, can divide again for food packaging film and all kinds of industrial products with packaging film, etc.) and used in special environment, breathable film with special USES, water soluble film and has the performance of piezoelectric thin film and so on. The operator should not stand in front of the machine when operating the machine so as to avoid accidental injury and operator.

In the feed, the hard material with metal impurities and small tools in the raw material will fall into the cylinder. Film Blowing Machine manufacturing technology will promote the development of plastic industry, for a long time, plastic industry depends on foreign advanced mechanical equipment, the introduction of foreign technology, will improve the plastic industry and machinery for the production cost, the development of intelligent Film Blowing Machine  model not only improves the performance of Film Blowing Machine, can reduce cost, reduced working hours, will significantly improve the plastic industry status quo.

The market is so much about the demand for the Film Blowing Machine  because it's so important that it's applied to the membrane in a lot of industries. Because membrane has a very good barrier to the product, can play a good protection. At the same time, it can also have a good preservation effect, because the function of preservation is very important. Like fruit and meat need to be protected by membrane, this can be the function of preservation!

Packaging through these membranes can provide a good oil resistance, preventing oil from eroding. In the new economic development, commercialization is an important feature in the production process. Film Blowing Machine manufacturing industry, the application of new and high technology production of a new type of Film Blowing Machine, not only to meet the needs of the diversification of the market, and the country's most advanced technology, to promote energy saving production process, not only bring economic benefits, but also increases the social welfare.