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Film Blowing Machine Should Pay Attention To Safety

Film Blowing Machine should pay attention to safety
We have to pay attention to the operation of the Film Blowing Machine when the safety, then how to use it, let us explain the following Film Blowing Machine to pay attention to safety.
In the operation of the machine can not wear gloves, so that gloves with the hands together into the machine, leading to injury. Usually must pay attention to check the gear box, and to add a good lubricant to the machine to reduce friction between parts of the phenomenon. Before starting, be sure to check the power of the lines are not connected. Observe the film plasticization, and found the crystal point Nanjing tray, stiff block, water quality in a timely manner. Check whether the air cylinder pressure is in line with the requirements, timely clean up the oil and water separator, check the control of raw materials ratio, mixing conditions are in line with the standard. Regular correction of the mold conveyor lead, traction, guide roller midpoint, level, balance.
Above is the operation of Film Blowing Machine should pay attention to safety. We will give you affordable prices, quality products, of course, our products are guaranteed, seize the time to contact us!
Blow molding machine manufacturing machinery technology will promote the development of the plastics industry, a long time, the plastics industry since the foreign advanced machinery and equipment, the introduction of foreign technology, plastics industry and the press will increase the production costs, the development of intelligent press The model not only improves the performance of the Film Blowing Machine, but also reduces the cost and reduces the working time, which will significantly improve the status of the plastics industry. Intelligent manufacturing equipment refers to the mechanical equipment with intelligent system, with the outside world of perception, analysis, decision-making and control functions, the application of this intelligent mode, so that Film Blowing Machine with sensing, temperature control of the perception coefficient, can be effective Automatic operation, improve efficiency, and make the blow molding machine has a certain preventive detection function.
The most important thing is to carry out maintenance and maintenance. Like the daily inspection of the temperature is able to control their own good. Whether the heated element is in good condition and whether the temperature of each point is within the range of the indicator. It is also possible to check the current, speed and temperature rise of the motor at run time. Observe the plasticization of the film, but also a way to maintain. Check the control of raw materials ratio, the mixing of the situation, there is no compliance with the standard.
  Film Blowing Machine application is mainly based on the different materials, such as PP film blowing machine for the film produced in a variety of supermarket shopping bags, bacteria bags and other hardness is relatively large on the tensile and brightness requirements are not high Of the bag, and high pressure PE blown out of the film suitable for a variety of fresh bags, back to the film suitable for all kinds of garbage bags, etc., Film Blowing Machine is widely used in various industries. In the case of
At present, the popular packaging on the market is mainly plastic, paper-based, plastic blown film-based blow molding industry in the market a larger proportion, but with the requirements of the paper industry more stringent, environmental protection and energy saving Indicators to improve the threshold of the paper industry, resulting in paper packaging market costs, prices. This makes the plastic packaging in the market share increased accordingly, stimulating the Film Blowing Machine manufacturing machinery industry development, while environmental protection and energy saving technology in the Film Blowing Machine industry attention, and promote Film Blowing Machine to the high-end level.
In the new economic development, commercialization is an important feature in the production process. Blown film manufacturing industry, the application of high-tech production of new film blowing machine, not only adapt to the diversification of the market demand, while the state's most advanced technology to promote energy-saving production process, not only bring economic benefits, but also increased Social welfare.
Packaging is now an indispensable part of the popular packaging market, mainly plastic, paper, film blow molding machine blow molding industry is mainly a large proportion of market share, but with the requirements of the paper industry increasingly stringent environmental protection and energy efficiency of new indicators to improve Threshold in the paper industry, resulting in the cost of the market price of inflated paper packaging. Which makes the plastic packaging market share correspondingly increased to promote the development of Film Blowing Machine manufacturing machinery industry, environmental protection and energy saving technology Film Blowing Machine industry attention to promote the high level of Film Blowing Machine.