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Pet Bottle Recycling Machine Have A Strict Quality Assurance System

Pet Bottle Recycling Machine The company specializes in recycling all the waste paper, nonferrous metal and old equipment, scrap iron and all the old and new steel PET bottle recycling equipment, waste plastics and all plastic particles, but also free of charge all the waste materials and non-environmentally friendly waste.

The company has always been a principle of service: the price is excellent on the basis of fair to survive, to ensure the credibility of the cooperative attitude towards each customer. The latest scrap recycling offer is updated on the company's website. Companies with strong strength and abide by the letter-based, re-credit, keep promises, reasonable prices, warm service and good business reputation has won the trust of many customers, and many enterprises and institutions to establish a stable and cooperative relations and dedication The business units to provide fast, efficient, warm and thoughtful service.

To honesty, trustworthiness, fair and reasonable price of the operating style. The company is based on the price optimization, fair to survive the credibility of the guarantee; when your company to deal with waste materials, Huangshan is and renewable resources utilization Co., Ltd. is your best choice. Telephone booking, on-site service!

     Pet Bottle Recycling Machine Is a domestic production of plastic packaging machinery and plastic mold professional company, in recent years the company real-time attention to the latest international plastic packaging technology information, with strong technical force, the use of international common CAD, CAM computer-aided design system, developed with scientific and technological content YM-A2000 series of hand-held PET cans bottle jar automatic bottle blowing machine, PET bottle recycling equipment automatic blow molding machine, semi-automatic blow molding machine and infrared rotary automatic control of the heater and other equipment and supporting the blowing Mold, multi-cavity preform mold, cap mold, the series mold has product quality is stable, easy to operate, wide range of applications, low cost, etc., is the beverage, candy, medicine, chemicals, grease and other manufacturers widely used ideal Machinery packaging equipment, over the years the best-selling domestic equipment, and exports of Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other dozens of countries and regions, the company has a customer and equipment database, a perfect customer information feedback and after-sales service system, Provide technical support and equipment development information. We sincerely look forward to working with you for your cooperation!

    Pet Bottle Recycling Machine The company is located 30 kilometers east of Xi'an, "Huaxia source line, Silk Road starting point, Qin figurines hometown" in Lintong District of Xi'an, where only 60 kilometers from the Xi'an International Airport, Longhai Railway and even Huo high-speed running through things, convenient traffic, beautiful.

The company covers an area of 40 mu, with modern plant more than 10,000 square meters, of which 100,000 purification production workshop more than 1,500 square meters, fully meet the production requirements of Class I medicine package. Production equipment domestic first-class, including: automatic plastic bottle production line 8, PET bottle recycling equipment automatic extrusion blowing production line 12, automatic injection blowing production line 3, 12 automatic injection molding machine, automatic PET blow molding machine 5 , Automatic printing line 6, the annual production of 10 ~ 5000ml various types of bottles (barrels) more than 300 million only.

The company is the largest professional production in the Northwest region: Class I plastic bottle and plastic medical equipment, high-quality chemical plastic packaging bottles (barrels), high-quality dairy products plastic bottles (barrels), industrial plastic parts products manufacturer , PET bottle recycling equipment and innovation leading, with first-class technology, first-class talent, has successfully developed more wall thickness control, multi-layer co-extrusion, mold labeling and other international advanced processing technology, so that the quality of packaging bottles More remarkable.

The company has passed IS09001: 2000 quality management system certification, the national Class I drug packaging materials registered, the United States Johnson Johnson Yang Sen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for the qualification audit certification, QS food safety AQSIQ certification, with a strict quality assurance system to ensure that The quality of each product, so that customers with the rest assured, liking.

   Pet Bottle Recycling Machine Over the years, Founder adhering to the "customer as the core" of the corporate philosophy and "intentions to do every product," the quasi-side, to win the recognition and trust of customers, Founder enthusiastic look forward to your company's efforts to contribute.