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Pet Bottle Recycling Machine R & D Use Can Bring About Changes In Our Lives

Pet Bottle Recycling Machine R & D use can bring about changes in our lives
    Pet Bottle Recycling Machine from the beginning to use by the government's strong support, which is the rapid recovery of waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine, the main reason, followed by Pet Bottle Recycling Machine prices are very low, the average family can be put into use, easy to operate, Changing the living environment also enriches household income.
     White pollution has always been one of the world's largest pollution in the world and even the world. Its main source is the convenience of bags, food packaging and other waste plastics. It is difficult to be degraded, resulting in serious environmental pollution in the city, seriously affecting the nature of the ecological environment.
     Now with the development of economy and science and technology, the emergence of waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine greatly alleviate the white pollution. But also for us to solve the plastic pollution to bring us life troubles, waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine for the use of resources to make use of the contribution, but also for us to create a new energy. For our life can be said to bring about earth-shaking changes.
Recycled Pet Bottle Recycling Machine in the course of the use of exhaust gas instability may be due to the hole is blocked, changes in vacuum or raw materials in the volatile changes. Possible ways to improve the exhaust efficiency can refer to the following methods:
1, increase the barrel temperature in the first order;
2, in the exhaust hole to increase the degree of vacuum;
3, preheating raw materials;
4, the use of stripping agent.
Screw design can also greatly affect the exhaust efficiency, multi-threaded exhaust section can improve the exhaust. In addition, it is important that the polymer is completely melted in the first stage of the screw. Setting the tank mixing section at the end of the first step of the screw will help to ensure complete melting.
Pet Bottle Recycling Machine production finished black spots, resulting in low customer satisfaction, product quality, but off, so many friends are tangled headache. In order to avoid carbonization as much as possible to the harm of plastic products, the most critical is to effectively prevent the loss to a minimum. To understand the nature of carbonation, but also good at using effective solutions to solve and prevent plastic products in every aspect of carbonation, we need to strictly control.
To quickly clean the carbides in the machine, the need to use the material is relatively hard plastic or its back to the material plus white mineral oil cleaning, the appropriate increase in temperature 10 ~ 15 ° C. At this point, to consider the small extruder on the plastic plasticizing capacity. For large and medium-sized extruders that can plasticize ultra-high molecular weight plastics, they can be cleaned with ultra-high molecular weight plastic or its backstop plus white mineral oil. Because the high hardness of ultra-high molecular weight plastic is better, with the higher temperature, the cleaning object will be softened, and thus become easy to fall off, is conducive to the carbide was plastic melt out. During the cleaning process, the speed of the extruder is repeatedly switched between low speed and high speed. If there is margin on the motor load, you can repeatedly stop and restart the extruder several times during the operation to further improve the cleaning effect. When the carbide in the melt (black spots) was significantly reduced, the replacement of the usual plastic cleaning to clean, and gradually adjusted to the appropriate temperature, you can normal production.
Waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine in the granulation process, a common problem is that the finished product will appear black spots, especially in color, light-colored products is particularly evident. Fidelity granulator to tell you: Pet Bottle Recycling Machine black spots, and you like to operate, you can easily solve.