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Pet Washing Machine Cleaning Of Sewage Treatment Problems

pet washing machine cleaning of sewage treatment problems
According to pet washing machine manufacturers, heavy environmental protection and improve the quality of life for the people to provide the basis for the realization of waste separation of plastic, pet washing machine trial space to increase. Over the years, the recovery of plastic waste in China has been largely relied on the traditional material recovery system, which has been assisted by manual recycling from garbage or other sources, and then sorted and then processed. An important role in the full market.
      Although China's plastic recycling industry started earlier, the overall size is also larger, but from the industry development point of view, there are a variety of topics: First, the whole society on the lack of rational understanding of the industry and policy support. Mainly in: people generally not strong sense of environmental protection, recycling of waste plastics are familiar with the lack of people generally think that recycled products made of recycled plastic products are poor quality; the lack of waste plastics recycling industry and recycling enterprises to help the detailed policy. Second, the industry association has just set up soon, the coordination of the role of the industry has not yet fully demonstrated.
      For the reality of the problems in the production of PET bottles cleaning line cleaning equipment should be more focused on the design of environmental protection issues, the rinse after the sewage filter to remove emissions to reduce the pollution caused by local environmental problems.
According to pet washing machine manufacturers to introduce us, pet washing machine in energy saving has played a very important role. Let's take a closer look at how it affects environmental impact.
First of all, pet washing machine for different plastic materials with different features, the introduction of energy-saving products, efficient import motor, save 30 seconds per minute time, saving half of the electricity, greatly saving power. And now the product to increase the intensity of reform and innovation, speed up the pace of development, and further self-reliance and innovation, the end of the good and fast start.
pet washing machine manufacturers in detail, pet washing machine can make your production capacity, sales revenue, profit growth, and a significant decline in capital and power consumption, pollutant emissions. Environmental protection has a role can not be ignored.
With the rapid development of Chinese architecture, cement, metallurgy and other occupations, the use of crusher equipment has gradually expanded. But because customers often neglect the bearing protection, resulting in machine failure and can not function properly. To provide you with some extension Xuzhou pet washing machine bearing the number of tips for reference.
1, the installation of pet washing machine equipment before the first part of the number of parts, check the various parts of the surface and the thread in the handling of the damage caused by handling and removal.
2, pet washing machine installed in the fixed contact surface coated with dry oil, in the activities of the surface coated with thin oil. In particular, after the bearing is installed, be sure to apply the outer ring to the bearing lubricant.
3, the bearing lubricant coating is also very particular about, coated with grease lubrication cover all the roller surface, after the end of the outer ring to restore the location, but also need to cover the use of plastic film dust.
4, the daily use should pay attention to cleaning the bearings, the first bearing into the oil, and then use the brush to the bearing surface dirt to brush off, and then the appropriate heating of oil, and then the bearing ball and holes in the detailed cleaning The
5, pet washing machine work for some time, to carry out regular checks. Remove the hardware, if the bearing wear less, can be turned on the lathe to achieve the correct geometry. Also note that the eccentric shaft and the bearing pad and the gap between the mandrel and the bearing, if more than 1.5 times, should be replaced or pad adjustment.