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Plastic Crusher Machine Is A Long-term Protection Of The Operation Of The Roller

Plastic Crusher Machine is a long-term protection of the operation of the roller
Do every detail, is the creation of heavy industry has always been to adhere to the principle, but also hope that the user in the use of plastic crusher process, adequate maintenance and maintenance, the problem will be destroyed in the bud to ensure that the plastic crusher for a long time normal Smooth homework.
1, replace the wearing parts: plastic crusher to replace the wearing parts, the first open after the shelves. When used, first after the shelves and the box in the coupling bolt unloaded, and then wrench to the clamshell device hexagonal head some, and then shelves slowly opened. In the same way, you can use the top of the rack hanging equipment hanging back rack. Repeat the above process, that is, after the shelves.
2, plate hammer: counter-breaking hammer wear to a certain extent should be timely adjustment or replacement to prevent damage to fasteners and other parts.
3, liner: open after the cover, revocation fixed counter-liner with the opening pin, slotted nuts, bolts, you can wear the counter-liner after the replacement. Such as the new equipment against the liner, inverted the process immediately.
4, the bearing: the temperature is too high may be because the grease too much or short, smooth grease, bearing damage, replace the bearing plastic crusher equipment in the sand production line plays a key step.
      5, in the new machine into the homework, the homework is completed when the need to break the break all the view.
6, after a week after the operation of the anti-broken motor, smooth all the time to view. The contents of the inspection include the fastening condition of the fixed parts, the belt drive, the bearing seal, the backing plate, the wear of the liner, the full placement view, and the repair cycle to establish the patching and replacement principle.
     7, the rotor and counterattack liner space adjustment: When the plastic crusher rotor in the operation, the rotor and counter-liner between the gap can not be adjusted. Such as the material into the block in the counterattack between the plate and the shell, it is recommended in the re-adjust the gap between the slightly raised the counter, so that the block into the feed will become loose, the counter frame is slightly adjusted. Assuming that the counter is not satisfied, you can tap on the loose lever (with a piece of wood to maintain), the rotor and counterattack liner space by the machine to adjust the equipment to complete the first release of the bolt, and then roll the long nut, Will move upward, adjust the tightening of the screw sleeve.