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Plastic Crusher Machine Of Those Things

Plastic Crusher Machine of those things
 Plastic Crusher Machine safe operation Note:
1, boot:
In the Plastic Crusher Machine before the need to ensure that the reducer is now a good reducer oil, bearings are now added good oil.
Before starting the machine to see the Plastic Crusher Machine knife box is not no matter debris, tools, spacer sets, set the knife is not damaged, to ensure that no abnormal situation after the boot.
View the electronic control box of the control switch is not in the open state, to ensure that the electrical control box without security risks to boot.
2, feeding:
When the material, as far as possible to adhere to uniform, to avoid overload maintenance to start the formation of electrical original, motor damage, small Plastic Crusher Machine in the broken material is best not rich in large pieces of metal debris, to avoid the Plastic Crusher Machine in operation In the bad tool. Larger Plastic Crusher Machines are generally able to break 5-8MM thick metal objects.
3, the process control:
When the broken process showed a sensation or abnormal noise, should stop to see if there is a hard object into the knife box, the formation of tools, spacer damage deformation, cleaning, and then gradually see the reducer, the motor running.
Plastic Crusher Machine operation process, not on the inside of the box, electric control box, the body for manual cleaning.
Plastic Crusher Machine Note:
① Plastic Crusher Machine to view, repair, maintenance, it is necessary to intercept power and hang warning signs.
② As long as the Plastic Crusher Machine completely stopped before the Plastic Crusher Machine to view, maintenance, maintenance, replacement parts.
③ view the blade every week, is not damaged or dislocation scene.
④ measure the tool radius and thickness, in order to organize the best time to correct the tool.
⑤ timing welding blade, the frequency of welding as broken by the different varieties of waste and not the same. Once it is found that the blade is damaged it is necessary to correct it immediately.
⑥ When the correction does not work, replace the blade.
Daily Notice:
● before get off work should be inside the knife box is not broken after the finished material broken and then stop.
● closed the power switch, scattered around the Plastic Crusher Machine around the material to clean, see the motor and reducer docking parts is not a loose screw.
Alarm bells
In the reducer box outside the circular oil level mirror, Plastic Crusher Machine which can be used here to regularly view the situation of reducer lubricants. General reducer lubricating oil cover can be half of the oil level mirror, such as less than half of the oil level mirror, to refuel.
After the initial operation of the reducer for 400 hours, Plastic Crusher Machine it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil. Check the grease once every six months is not necessary to replace. Mineral oil and composition of oil may not be mixed.
Regularly refuel the bearing parts, bearing parts are easily damaged parts, Plastic Crusher Machine often refueling to extend the bearing life.