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Plastic Granules Making Machine Demand For Large-scale Trend Is Obvious

plastic granules making machine demand for large-scale trend is obvious
       At present, the petroleum and petrochemical industry used more and more large-scale plastic granules making machine, and because of strong demand, tight supply, extended delivery situation more and more prominent.
       plastic granules making machine is based on different uses in the resin by adding different additives, after heating, mixing, extrusion molding, the resin raw materials for the secondary processing of granular products of the unit, plastic granules making machine is widely used in petroleum Petrochemical industry. At present, the world's large granulator production enterprises in Japan and the German one, Japan Kobe Steel products in the Chinese market share is very high At the end of November held in Kobe Steel China Lijiang LCM plastic granules making machine user conference, China Petroleum, China Petrochemical and other enterprises on behalf of the user representatives and technical staff on the stable production and maintenance, maintenance and other issues to discuss the exchange.
       Industry experts said that in recent years, the rapid development of the global petrochemical industry, the rapid increase in the demand for granulator, plastic granules making machine more and more tend to large-scale, and the user's mechanical stability and energy saving requirements Higher and higher. Resulting in the current pelletizer supply difficulties, the main reason for the extension of delivery is due to increased demand.
 The prospect of recycled plastic granules making machine is not only solved the problem of environmental pollution, but also saves the energy consumption. Recycling enterprises to small and medium-sized, the industry is too scattered, the cost is higher than the original plastic, etc., have become the issue of recycled plastic on the road. Recycled plastic processing equipment manufacturers uneven, but also caused the development of recycled plastics a major obstacle.
1, recycled plastic granules making machine full use of high pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, to avoid continuous heating, energy saving.
2, plastic granules making machine using split automatic power distribution system to ensure the normal operation of the motor safety.
3, the appearance of plastic granules making machine using international fashion, beautiful and generous.
4, all recycled materials by classification and broken after cleaning without drying or drying, drying, you can produce, wet and dry, processing bags (such as: rice bags, cement bags) can not be disconnected, not cut edge, direct Broken clean.
5, peeling water-cooled regeneration granulation machine is the plastic in the melt state was cut by the blade, the cooling water after the circulation of solidification, different viscosity of the polymer can be used in this form of pelletizing, Will produce any dust, to avoid the traditional dredging caused by dust pollution and waste.
 plastic granules making machine recycling enterprises in the production and marketing process, the biggest resource constraints is that waste plastic bottle recycling is difficult to achieve production needs, often downtime. Plastic bottle recycling business not only with the local plastic bottle recycling point and the recycling business cooperation, but also through the introduction of new plastic bottle recycling machine self-built plastic bottle recycling network to meet production needs. For those who want to engage in the recycling of plastic bottles, plastic granules making machine we think the current business layout is very important. Although the eastern part of the plastic bottle recycling resources, but the recovery of the competition between enterprises is also very powerful.
plastic granules making machine bottles throughout the country, plastic granules making machine waste plastic bottles recycling channels are also throughout the country. Now waste plastic bottles recycling continue to make a breakthrough. You look carefully, you will find now floating in the river inside the field, throwing garbage in the plastic bottle is not much, in fact, waste plastic bottles have become increasingly many recycling manufacturers compete for resources.
Extruder in accordance with the direction of the head flow and the screw center line angle, the nose is divided into bevel (angle 120o) and right angle head. The head of the nose is fixed with bolts on the fuselage, plastic granules making machine the mold inside the die has a core sitting, and fixed with a nut in the nose into the line port, the core seat in front of a core, core and core The center of the hole, for the core; in the front of the nose with a pressure ring, used to balance the pressure; squeeze the molding part of the module by the sleeve and mold sleeve, mold sleeve position can be adjusted by the bolt to support , To adjust the relative position of the mold sleeve on the core, easy to adjust the thickness of the extruded layer uniformity. The head is equipped with a heating device and a temperature measuring device.