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Screw And Barrel The Method Of Disassembly?

Screw and Barrel The method of disassembly?
Injection molding machine screw barrel sometimes problems, you have to remove and re-install, then, the operator must be in accordance with the correct method, if improper operation, it is easy to damage the injection molding machine screw barrel, so in the injection When the screw barrel is removed, it can not be blindly concerned, it should be in accordance with the method of positive solution, then, how to disassemble the injection molding machine screw barrel? Injection molding machine screw barrel shift method? Here we come together to understand the next bar.
 Screw barrel of the disassembly method:
When reassembling, follow the reverse steps of disassembly and install the parts in turn. Two workers in this operation, we must remind each other to pay attention to safety.
When tightening the cylinder head bolts,
1, must be strength level 12.9 bolts, to the threaded surface of the bolt evenly coated with heat-resistant grease (such as MoS2, etc.). Tighten the diagonal bolts evenly, as shown in Figure 10-5, several times each. Use the appropriate torque. Good use of torque wrench.
2, Screw and Barrel after the tightening bolts. If the screw of the heating cylinder head is too tight, it may cause damage to the thread, but if it is too loose, it may leak.
 Injection molding machine screw cylinder removed before dismantling preparation:
1, before the demolition of the mold should be removed first, open to large, adjust the mold to large, the screw can be removed from the mold area. (The injection seat can also be tilted, as shown in Figure 10-6.)
2, polycarbonate (PC) and hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other resin, in the cooling will stick to the screw and heating cylinder. Is polycarbonate, if peeled off accidentally, it will damage the metal surface. If these resins are used, they should be cleaned with polystyrene (PS), polyethylene (PE) and other cleaning materials, easy to clean and disassemble the screw. (Referring to the use of polystyrene and other empty injection several times)
3, Screw and Barrel the barrel of raw materials to clear, and keep the barrel temperature, the former cylinder can be properly increased temperature, in order to remove the front barrel screws. Prepare 4 or 5 wood or steel rods (diameter <diameter of screw) × (length <injection molding) for ejector screw. Waste cotton or rags.
 Injection molding machine screw barrel shift:
1, with the injection device selection switch will be full of retraction injection device, until the move can not stop. Remove the guide bracket fastening bolts. Remove the cylindrical pins that connect the integral cylinder and the front plate of the shoot so that the two are separated.
2, with the installation of non-operator side, injection of the fuselage on the countertops dedicated cylinder, to promote the injection seat to the operator side rotation, to meet the screw, barrel can exit, be careful not to wire and hose stretched tight. Operation: Select 50% system pressure from the operator panel to select 30% of the system flow.) Remove the protective cover of the operating valve installed next to the dedicated cylinder. Push the handle up by hand, the cylinder slowly push the injection seat, turn it toward the operator, until the proper position, and then return the handle to the center. When the injection seat is to be returned, the handle can be lifted.