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Screw Barrel In Light Industry Applications

Screw Barrel In light industry applications
Food and beverages are indispensable parts of the people's lives, and with the improvement of people's quality of life, the quality of food and beverage requirements are increasing, the demand is also growing, the same, the production of food and beverage manufacturers More and more, the demand for air compressor is also growing.

Screw Barrel Food and beverages have a common feature - is to provide people with practical things. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the choice of compressor can be practical problems, that is, the quality of compressed air is better, especially the compressed air oil content to be very small. But in fact, food or drink on the compressed air requirements are not the same, we can it can be divided into two parts, one part of the compressed air and food and beverage contact.We can be divided into two parts of a brief introduction.

First of all, we introduce the compressor air is not in contact with food and beverage category. This type of compressed air is mainly used in power actuators, control cylinders and other mechanical action occasions, compressed air is generally not in direct contact with food or drink, so the quality of such compressed air is not very high, the pressure of compressed air generally require 0.06 Mpa, the amount of gas can be determined according to the size of the scale of production, in accordance with ISO / DP8573 / 1-88 quality standards, the power of the implementation of compressed air with the quality level is generally set to 2-4 (5) -3, : 2, water content, 4 or 5, oil content: 3. Specific compressed air system configuration.

Screw Barrel Secondly, we introduce this kind of compressed air in indirect contact with food or drink. The so-called brief introduction refers to the compressed air is not in direct contact with food and beverage contact, but through other media and food or beverage contact, such as cans, beverage bottles of cleaning and beverage filling and so on. Compressed air, although not in direct contact with food or drink, the requirements for compressed air is also very high. Compressed air exhaust pressure is generally about 0.5-0.6mpa, in the past, these places use compressed air are provided by the oil-free reciprocating compressor, and now can use oil-free screw design air compressor back more reliable The