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The Installation Of Plastic Crusher Machine

The installation of Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic Crusher Machine is a plastic particle heated to melt and then blown into a film. There are many kinds of Plastic Crusher Machines, PE, POF, PVC and so on. The Plastic Crusher Machine is made of new material with new particles. The colour and colour are all said, clean, the bag is stretched.

The installation of Plastic Crusher Machine

When the Plastic Crusher Machine is installed, attention should be paid to adjust the center line of the extruder and the center of the traction roller to keep the horizontal vertical and not deviate from the skew. Please pay attention to the speed of traction and the speed of the winding speed. Please adjust the volume. After the main engine is opened, pay close attention to the operation of the main engine, adjust, modify, electrical instrument and controller in time to ensure its normal operation. Host gear box, traction reducer should often come on, change gear oil, new in the use of 10 days or so, please change new gear oil, in order to ensure the normal operation of the rotating parts, pay attention to refuel, prevent damage of stuck and overheating, but should also check the connection parts of tight situation, prevent Luo Shuan is loose. The compressed air in the bubble tube should be kept in a proper amount due to the leakage of compressed air in the traction process. Please timely supplement it.

Plastic Crusher Machines are usually operated by several people

First of all, no matter how much equipment, each class must have two people on duty, it is related to the issue of production safety, do not be careless.

To blow the film under 1200mm, the three machines can keep the two people in each class. (the principle is to configure the mixing machine, preferably with the feeding machine). If there are 6 machines, each shift can be configured with 3 to 4 people, which should be able to meet the requirements.

1. The equipment shall not start extruder and rotary die head without heating, heating temperature and time, otherwise it will damage the equipment.

2. Check whether there is any wet material when the raw material is unpacked, and the wet material must not be mixed. It must be dried in the drying room before it can be used.

3. The mold head and die cleaning can only be used to clean the mold mouth with copper pieces, and no spatula and iron blade shall be used to scrape the die, otherwise it will cause the damage of the die.

4. The guide roller of Plastic Crusher Machine, including rubber roller and rollers, shall not be cut with the blade, otherwise it will cause the cutting of the guide roller.

5, the filter on the extruder and corona processor must be replaced periodically filtering and cleaning, general requirements must be replaced within 24 hours to 48 hours filter and the silicon roller clean with alcohol corona processor. The specification of filter screen: for the second layer 80 eyes, a layer of 100 purpose three layers of filter screen.

6. The corona processor guide roller does not have the film to move around and must not turn on the corona processor. Once the film is broken or down, the corona processor should be turned off urgently, so that the corona processor will not burn.

7. No corona treatment or corona treatment does not reach 38 dyne film, which cannot be put into the finished product. Otherwise, it will cause a serious accident of compound quality.

A popular packaging on the market at present mainly plastic, paper, give priority to with Plastic Crusher Machine blow suye larger proportion in the market, but as more and more strict to the requirement of the paper industry, environmental protection and energy saving of the new index raised the threshold of the paper industry, the costs of paper market, prices. This makes the plastic packaging in the market share increase, stimulated the development of Plastic Crusher Machine manufacturing machinery industry, at the same time pay more attention to environmental protection and energy saving technology in Plastic Crusher Machine machinery industry, promote the Plastic Crusher Machine to high-end level.