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The Role Of Waste Plastic Granules Making Machine

The role of waste plastic granules making machine
Waste plastic granules making machine in the successful development of the press and put into mass production. The research and development of scientific research personnel to develop a new type of waste plastic granules making machine, efficient dry and wet, save a motor, save energy, reduce costs before the waste plastic recycling granulation unit is the forefront of products. Waste plastic recycling will not only protect the ecological environment and governance "white disaster" play a role, but also to create considerable economic benefits.
Uses: Waste plastic granules making machine is the polyethylene (large film, beverage bottles, lined bags, etc.) or polypropylene (old woven bags, bags, tied rope, etc.) by extrusion, cooling, granulation to produce plastic particles Of the equipment, to produce a wide range of particles, is the ideal investment projects for the majority of friends.
Features: The equipment and crushing and washing machine, granulator supporting. Broken clean plastic, do not have sun drying, can be directly into the extrusion granulation, the process is simple, advanced technology, and for different waste plastics. Using automatic temperature control, (coal) electric heating, less electricity, no pollution, a high degree of automation. The complete set of equipment consists of main engine, crushing and cleaning machine, granulator, cleaning tank (homemade) and cooling tank (homemade). The set of complete sets of equipment can be produced automatically and continuously. Due to the special exhaust and drainage equipment, After washing without drying, can be directly granulation, and granulation clean, pollution and aging phenomenon, greatly reducing the production costs and improve production efficiency. The machine has its small size, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption, high quality products, wide adaptability of the significant features can be adapted to meet a variety of processing requirements.
The unit is suitable for PE, EvA, PvC and other waste film and PE, PVC, ABC, PP and other crushed materials and PE, PP powder material, around the plastic manufacturers under the material, the recovery of the old film, film nylon film and textile bags Waste for processing raw materials.
  plastic granules making machine is based on different uses in the resin by adding different additives, after heating, mixing, extrusion molding, the resin raw materials for the secondary processing of granular products of the unit, plastic granules making machine is widely used in petroleum Petrochemical industry. At present, the world's large granulator production enterprises in Japan and the German one, Japan Kobe Steel products in the Chinese market share is very high At the end of November held in Kobe Steel China Lijiang LCM plastic granules making machine user conference, China Petroleum, China Petrochemical and other enterprises on behalf of the user representatives and technical staff on the stable production and maintenance, maintenance and other issues to discuss the exchange.
       Industry experts said that in recent years, the rapid development of the global petrochemical industry, the rapid increase in the demand for granulator, plastic granules making machine more and more tend to large-scale, and the user's mechanical stability and energy saving requirements Higher and higher. Resulting in the current pelletizer supply difficulties, the main reason for the extension of the delivery period is due to increased demand
For the delivery of equipment for the maintenance of waste plastic granules making machine
Waste plastic granules making machine for normal operation, according to the rules and regulations to carry out daily and regular maintenance, regular maintenance, in the prescribed time on a number of mechanical equipment maintenance and repair, to clean, lubrication, adjustment, disintegration , Maintenance for the central content. Daily maintenance is mainly responsible for cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, corrosion, this is a daily inspection.
Inspection of equipment before installation
Waste plastic granules making machine is also composed of various components, before the installation, for the inspection of the various parts of the equipment to check the main steel structure, bearings, bolts, etc. on the situation, while the surface of the parts is corrosion, etc., this should be done A record for later inspection.
Waste plastic granules making machine before the overhaul conditions
Equipment overhaul, is that the equipment is very serious damage or damage is very serious, mechanical performance decreased significantly, this time is overhaul, such as mechanical power performance decreased significantly, increased fuel consumption, manipulation is not working, the sound abnormalities Or equipment has been unable to play under normal conditions of production performance, the adoption of a comprehensive and thorough recovery of the means of repair, this time, should be required to carry out overhaul, and arrange the progress of the work.