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The Screw Barrel Is Engaged In The Development And Production Of Air Compressors

Screw barrel is engaged in a variety of media compressor research and development, production, manufacturing, sales and integration of professional firms. The company is widely used in machinery, medical, mining, oil, electricity, textiles, building materials and welders and other industries. Products from 1-40m3, pressure 0.5-40mpa. With the domestic advanced production level.

The company is committed to product quality and after-sales service, professional to provide customers with a package of compressed solutions and all-round after-sales service. And customers grow together, and in all regions of the country set up after-sales service department and office. Is your trusted partner.

Screw barrel more than 10 years has always been engaged in the development and production of air compressors, and its products include all oil-free scroll compressor, permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor, two-stage compression permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor, oil-free screw Presses, silent oil-free air compressor, explosion-free air compressor, adsorption dryer, has been widely used in various industries. In 2013, the United States HQ incorporated in China incorporated (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a manufacturing plant in China and R & D sales center, screw barrel company introduced HQ US air compressor new technology, and for China's use of conditions Research and development and production, large-scale series of products, and have an annual output of 100,000 sets of machine production capacity. At the same time in the procurement of product parts, air compressor assembly and compressor compressor assembly are in accordance with the requirements of the implementation of the headquarters, to ensure that every factory air compressor with high quality, high performance, energy saving, environmental protection and so on. Compressor sales service network in China is divided into South China, North China, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Yangtze River Delta 6 large areas, in major cities have set up offices, and excellent service personnel in the long-term around you to provide quality and efficient Of the unit maintenance and repair services. Screw barrel as one of China's leading air compressor manufacturing enterprises, the exchange has always been to "build China's first oil-free air compressor brand" for the development of philosophy and corporate vision, is committed to each and every Chinese users with the exchange Standard consistent products and services, with excellent results return to customers, society and employees.

Strong technical force, and equipped with advanced professional equipment and strict means of detection. Screw barrel products are selected raw materials at home and abroad high-quality screw barrel alloy steel. After a series of reasonable heat treatment process, so that the final product has a good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and longer service life. At the same time in order to meet the different requirements of various users of the black, the company also provides screw and barrel of the actual mapping and improved design, the use of double alloy Stelite powder repair, used to repair the wear of the screw and barrel.

After years of unremitting efforts, screw barrels for our customers at home and abroad to provide a wide range of inexpensive screw and barrel at the same time, has also been a new business expansion to Europe, the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia, the industry covers Pipe, profiles, sheet, wood products and other plastic and rubber products.

So that customer satisfaction is our goal for the country section is our purpose, to provide space for talent is the basis for the development of new. New machinery to hold a more mature technology, better products, more perfect service to the majority of customers and common development of a better future.