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What Is The Role Of The Screw Machine Barrel

 Screw Barrel What is the role of the screw machine barrel When the screw rotation to promote the extrusion of raw materials to move forward, the heat from the outside of the barrel to heat the heat transfer to the raw materials, coupled with the screw thread groove volume gradually reduced, so that the material is pushed forward by the squeeze, flip and shear And so on the role of a variety of force, was evenly mixed, plastic into a molten state, to complete the plastic plastic work.

  Injection molding machine screw barrel classification

  The structure of the barrel of the application of more divided into: integral, sub-type, bushing, casting, bimetallic-type barrel.

  Integral barrel: in the injection molding machines and extruders and other applications up to the overall barrel, especially small and medium models, are basically used in this form. The barrel is generally used for 38CrMoALA. And the temperature control is accurate, easy, processing accuracy is also relatively easy to guarantee.

  Screw Barrel Segmented barrel: mainly used in large-scale extruder and exhaust type extruder. As the total length of the barrel composed of a few paragraphs, so that each tube machining on the convenience of many, heating, cooling temperature control, the error is relatively large.

  Rubber screw barrel classification

  The barrel is generally designed for the whole, and now rarely use multi-stage combination barrel.

  In the theory of solid feed, has talked about how to increase the capacity of solid transport capacity, mainly from the reasonable choice of the technical parameters of the screw to analyze the way, but to improve the solid transport capacity is not significant, the efficiency of only 20% -40%

  Screw Barrel Injection molding machine procurement project is not a small investment projects; buy too much injection molding machine is a waste, buy too small and do not use; so choose a product in line with their own needs injection molding machine will become the most concerned about each buyer's content , Of course, businesses recommend buyers to the appropriate injection molding machine, to buyers how to choose their own products need to match the injection molding machine; is the business to the buyer to understand the first lesson. In order to more systematic understanding of the choice of injection molding machine of the various procedures, especially to write the following content with one by one. Screw diameter on a given injection device, many manufacturers offer a variety of screw diameter optional. The screw diameter directly affects the aspect ratio and the injection capacity (and therefore also the weight of the injection). 1 The ratio of the length to the screw diameter is the ratio of the length to diameter of the screw. If the injection molding machine has an optional screw, the screw length to diameter ratio is an important parameter in the selection process. A 22: 1 or greater aspect ratio provides better mixing and more uniform heating in the compression zone of the screw. Requires high injection molding, such as injection molding plastic, or within 0.01 mm tolerance within the high precision injection molding, should choose a large aspect ratio. At a given screw length, the larger aspect ratio is equal to the smaller screw diameter. So that the injection pressure increases, while the injection capacity and injection weight decreased. 20: 1 aspect ratio is medium, suitable for general requirements of the injection; and 18: 1 or smaller aspect ratio for less demanding injection and larger injection weight is more important. At this point the injection pressure is not high. When the screw diameter is constant, the large aspect ratio can increase the length of the screw segments, improve the quality of plastic, aspect ratio is too large