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What Should Be Noted In Use Pet Bottle Recycling Machine

What should be noted in use Pet Bottle Recycling Machine
The proper operation of Pet Bottle Recycling Machine is conducive to prolonging its life, but the use of Pet Bottle Recycling Machine does not receive enough attention in our daily life, and it will cause unnecessary problems. We are using Pet Bottle Recycling Machine to pay attention to what the problem?
1, Pet Bottle Recycling Machine operation, the material temperature does not meet the set temperature, holding time is not enough, are not allowed to start running screw.
2, Pet Bottle Recycling Machine operation should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures required, not in the non-operating station for illegal operation. To ensure the safety of the safety device, not for the pursuit of efficiency damage to the safety of the machine.
3, by the training and familiar with the Pet Bottle Recycling Machine structural performance and operating procedures of the operator to operate.
4, pay attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers need to be used in the vicinity of the use of thermal oil equipment.
5, do not use metal impurities or sediment with low quality back to the material, near the feed port may not be placed into the metal objects, to prevent the screw, barrel wear or damage, resulting in damage.
6, the failure or abnormal circumstances must report the relevant personnel, and by professional maintenance personnel to deal with. If there are abnormal phenomena that affect the safety, immediately press the emergency stop switch.
Familiar with the industry friends are aware Pet Bottle Recycling Machine machine, electrical, instrument height of integration, automation and control level is very high. Therefore, in the actual operation will appear more difficult to diagnose the fault, resulting in processing time is too long, thus affecting the normal operation of the entire device, greatly reducing the economic efficiency of production. The author combined with the theoretical knowledge of the plastic granulation production process and the management experience of the actual production operation for more than ten years, the analysis and judgment of the common causes of the failure of the unit in operation, and the corresponding measures and measures are put forward to ensure the long Cycle of stable operation. Hope to help everyone, thank you! In the case of
Failure reasons: Pet Bottle Recycling Machine, resulting in Pet Bottle Recycling Machine in the operation of the friction clutch disengagement, unit interlocking parking reasons can be divided into four categories:
(1) main motor system failure
1, the main motor torque is too high or too low; 2, the main motor speed is too low; 3, the main motor bearing temperature is too high; 4, the main motor winding temperature is too high; 5, the main motor water cooler inlet temperature is too high; 6, the main motor bearing lubricating oil pump outlet flow is too low; 7, the main motor bearing oil pump outlet pressure is too low; 8, the main motor water cooler water leakage is too high.
(2) Drive system failure
3, the friction clutch speed difference is too large; 4, the gear box lubricating oil pump outlet pressure is too low; 5, gear box lubricating oil pump outlet oil temperature is too high; 3, friction clutch speed difference is too large; High; 6, friction clutch internal failure and so on.
(3) Pet Bottle Recycling Machine
1, the throttle valve before and after the melt pressure is too high; 2, the head melt pressure is too high; 3, before and after the converter before the melt pressure is too large; 4, driving valve rotation failure.
(4) Underwater pelletizing system failure
3, Pet Bottle Recycling Machine torque is too high; 4, particle water bypass automatic switching failure; 5, the particle water pressure is too high or too low 6, the particle water flow is too low; 7, Pet Bottle Recycling Machine clamping bolt is not tight; 8, granule chamber bypass water valve is not off; 9, Pet Bottle Recycling Machine hydraulic clamping pressure is too low; Grain motor failure; 11, hydraulic cutter axial feed pressure is too low and so on.