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When Using Plastic Granules Making Machine To Pay Attention To Those Problems?

When using plastic granules making machine to pay attention to those problems?
1, plastic granules making machine operation to go in strict accordance with the operating procedures, not in the non-operating stations to carry out illegal operations. To ensure the safety of the safety device, not for the pursuit of efficiency damage to the safety of the machine.
2, plastic granules making machine to the operation, the temperature did not reach the set temperature, holding time is not enough, are not allowed to start running screw.
3, by the training and familiar with the plastic granules making machine structural performance and operating procedures of the operator to operate.
4, pay attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers need to be placed on the use of thermal oil near the equipment.
5, the failure or abnormal circumstances must report the relevant personnel, and by professional maintenance personnel to deal with. If there is an abnormal phenomenon that appears to affect safety, press the emergency stop switch immediately.
6, do not use metal impurities or sediment with low quality back material, near the feed port may not be placed into the metal objects, to prevent the screw, barrel wear or damage, resulting in damage.
7, plastic granules making machine operation to use cleanliness, viscosity and other indicators are in line with the requirements of the hydraulic oil, according to the provisions of the oil cooler to provide adequate flow of cooling water, so as not to hydraulic components and pipelines due to oil pollution or high temperature block , Oil spills and other damage. The extruder should fill the gear unit with the required lubricating oil.
Bearing is a more important plastic granules making machine accessories, its performance directly affects the normal operation of equipment and production efficiency. Equipment operation process, the user should pay special attention to the bearing temperature and bearing parts of the noise, abnormal to deal with early, usually after a period of time in the machinery will have a certain temperature, if the temperature is too high, in most cases is to explain The plastic granules making machine if the bearing overheating should be how to deal with it?
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One, two bearing height, or the motor rotor and the pulverizer rotor is not the heart, plastic granules making machine will make the bearing by the impact of additional load, causing the bearing overheating. This happens, to immediately stop using the pulverizer, to troubleshoot to avoid early damage to the bearing.
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Second, the bearing lubricating oil too much, too little or aging is also caused by the main cause of damage to the bearing and the main reason, therefore, plastic granules making machine according to the use of the requirements of the use of time to quantify the filling of lubricating oil, plastic granules making machine the general lubrication of the bearing space of 70% -80 %, Too much or too little are not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. The bearing extends its service life.
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Third, plastic granules making machine the bearing cover and the shaft with too tight, with the shaft with too tight or too loose will lead the bearing overheating. Once this happens, in the operation of the equipment, it will issue a friction sound and obvious swing. Should stop using the pulverizer, remove the bearing. Trim the friction parts and reassemble them as required.