New Technology Plastic Pet Recycling Machinery

New Technology Plastic Pet Recycling Machinery
Product Details

New technology plastic pet recycling machinery

Introduce of products:
This machine is suitable for regeneration and granulation of waste plastics, as HDPE, LDPE and PP, etc. Its equipped with quick motor-operated filter-screen-replacing unit and automatic temperature control. The granulating crusher uses adjustable speed motor, pelleting with and extruding machine at the same discharging speed synchronistically. The unit is easy to operate, with a high output, steady performance and favorable economic benefit.

Advantage of recycling machinery :
1. our screw barrel is specially designed according to your case, so we ensure the machine is working all right with your materail.
2. our gearbox in hard tooth surface, after carburizing, quenching and gear grinding technique. our gear wheel and bearing parts are made by 20CrMnTi and 20CrMnMo material in high degree. our gearbox is in heavy weight, so in normal use it can be used for very very time, even forever.
3. our screen changer is non stop type, you do not need to stop.
4. we have exported a lot recycling machine to Latin America, South-east zone, and middle-east zone. Our clients is welome it a lot.

Parameters :

  The Main/ First stage  1.    Screw and barrel Screw dia150mm, L/d 22:1, one set, based on 38CrMoALa material(HV >=950-1100)
2.    Gearbox ZLYJ 280
3.    Motor 45KW, the brand is Huadong, made in Shanghai, quite a good brand in China
4.    Inverter 45KW, the brand is Painier, quite a good brand in china
5.    Screen changer with hydraulic pump,250mmx250mm
  The Auxiliary/ Second stage  6.    Screw and barrel Screw dia130mm, L/d 10:1, one set, based on 38CrMoALa material(HV>=950-1100)
7.   Gearbox ZLYJ 200
8.    Motor 18.5KW, the brand is Huadong, made in Shanghai, quite a good brand in China
9.    Inverter 18.5KW, the brand is Painier, quite a good brand in china
10.    Screen changer with hydraulic pump, 250mmx250mm
  The other parts:  11.    Cutting machine in speed change, 4kw ,one piece,  (the knife is made in alloy ) the knife is 200mm width, with 24 pieces 12.    Water tank,  one piece, in stainless
13.    Electrical box, one piece, the brand is Chint, famous brand in China
14.    Container,  one piece
15.    heating ring: ceramic heating

1. Standard packing is wooden case;
2. Delivery: By sea, by air or others, depend on you;
3. Fast and Low Cost Deliver: Long-term cooperated shipping forwarders;
4. Payment of terms: T/C, T/T, Western union, Money Gram etc.

Q1: How about Pinbo ? 
R:Morer than 20 years experienced, (and the former name is yumin screw machine co.,ltd ) leading screw barrel manufacturer in China.