Waste PP PE Bags Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

Waste PP PE Bags Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine
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 PET washing and recycling line/ PET recycling line/ PET crushing and washing line/ Pet Recycle Line/ Pet Washing Line/ Pet Bottle Recycle/ PET bottle recycling line/ PET bottle washing line/ PET recycling/ PET recycling line/ PET bottle recycling/ PET scrap bottle recycling line/ PET flake washing line/ PET flake recycling line/ PET bottle recycling machinery .etc 


Details of recycling machine :(Remarks:Real picture without any treatment)



1.It adopt latest advanced technology , design with simple structure and easy to operate,high production capacity, economy energy consumption, reliable performance. 2.The material component of each machine on our products with high quality ,ensures whole washing line with long service life time.
3. our screw barrel is specially designed according to your case, so we ensure the machine is working all right with your materail.
4. our gearbox in hard tooth surface, after carburizing, quenching and gear grinding 
technique. our gear wheel and bearing parts are made by 20CrMnTi and 20CrMnMo material in high degree. our gearbox is in heavy weight, so in normal use it can be used for very very time, even forever.
5. our screen changer is non stop type, you do not need to stop.
6. we have exported a lot recycling machine to Latin America, South-east zone, and middle- east zone. Our clients is welome it a lot.