Single Plate Screen Changer Recycling Plastic Continuous Screen Changer

Product Details

Single plate continuous screen changer for plastic machine

With the reciprocating plate design, the replacement of the work station and the preparation station can realize continuous and uninterrupted operation. The net change process does not interrupt the production of the product, and the flow pressure is stable.


Performance characteristic:

1.Adopts an integral structure, featuring small size and short flow paths

2.When changing the net, there is no need to stop the machine, and the production of the product is continuous without interruption

3.Double channels expand the filtration area to produce more high-quality production which meet the customers'need.

4. Anti-wear, anti-pressure, precision filter design, increase the effective filter area and improve the filter quality.

5.Advanced sealing technology, sealing gap can be automatically compensated to meet the high extrusion production of any polymer material, no downtime, no leakage

6.The function of filling material exhaust and pollution discharge guarantee the process of replacing screen continuously.

7. We design and manufacture production of various sizes according to the customers'requirement.

8. Suitable for all thermoplastics such as sheet, sheet, tube, film, blown film, wires, cables, profiles, pellets, etc.

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